The Cake Queen
LaAndrea “Andie” Clinton always found a way of expressing her creativity, be it fashion, hair and make-up, or interior design.
Andie became interested in baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes during her senior year in high school. Six months after graduating, she decided to pursue her interest in baking and pastry. After completing the Culinary Program at the Art Institute, she found a job as a cake decorator in a local cupcake shop where she enhanced her decorating skills.
Having the desire to start her own business, she created Delectable Delights by Andie, a bakery geared to serving fine cakes and cupcakes. Delectable Delights by Andie is a culmination of her passion, creativity, determination and hard work.  She takes pride in every cake and cupcake that she bakes.
Come and experience Delectable Delights by Andie for yourself. You will taste the difference.